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Ultras… Once ordinary people, now super-human, spread terror across the globe. Enemies of world peace include Rune, Lord Pumpkin, and Sludge. The U.S. government forms a team to protect the public from terrorist Ultras. Led by Hardcase, the 1st Ultra to publicly reveal himself to the world, they are… Super-strong Prime. Topaz the Warrior Queen. The Armored Prototype, Undead Ghoul, and the mysterious Contrary. They are The Ultraforce… Based off the Malibu comic series, this cartoon takes place in the Ultraverse, where new, super-powered beings, called Ultras, are slowly making their presence known to mankind. Some are ancient entities, others, recently transformed into their altered states. But all seem to have a larger purpose in the world. Contrary, a mysterious and exotic woman, assembles a team of Ultras to combat the forces that would see the destruction of Earth and its people, while investigating the origins of Ultras and why they exist.